To the friends of Andbe Home,

I want you to know about some immediate changes at Andbe Home, as we address the COVID-19 crisis at our center.

As of Wednesday, October 28, the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have assigned management of Andbe Home to Mission Health Communities, LLC. Mission Health is a highly regarded provider of senior living, assisted living, and short-stay rehabilitation at 29 communities in Kansas, as well as others in Georgia, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

In addition to operating their own communities across the United States, Mission Health has extensive experience in providing short-term management in order to make clinical improvements and stabilize the performance of nursing communities in crisis.

We recognize the serious nature of the situation here at Andbe Home.

This dangerous virus has stricken the entire Andbe Home community in a devastating way. Please know we are working closely with CMS, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the state of Kansas, Norton County Hospital, and others to ensure the best care possible for all residents. Beginning Wednesday, October 28, two experienced Regional Nursing Directors from Mission Health are on-site at AndBe Home with oversight from the lead Chief Clinical Officer in order to help us implement new clinical safety protocols.

As we work to contain the COVID-19 virus at Andbe Home, we are instituting a number of necessary precautions, effective immediately:

There will be a strict No In-Person Visitation policy, until further notice. While we understand the personal hardship this causes, we simply must do all we can to avoid contributing to the spread of the virus in Norton and the surrounding region. We know how important support and contact from family and friends are for people who receive nursing care – so we are happy to work with families to arrange phone calls, video calls, texting, and other means of communication with our residents.

We are working to ensure that the entire facility follows stringent safety procedures in order to help mitigate spread of the virus among staff and others. These simple, proven techniques include frequent cleansing and disinfecting of high-touch areas in our building, social distancing, wearing masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and regular hand-washing -- practiced consistently.

We are grateful for the expert support of our new colleagues from Mission Health, who are driven to enhance the quality of life for the people they serve.

This is true for Mission Health both in good times, and in trying times like these. Their approach is rooted in Mission Health’s CARES values:  Displaying strong Character, having a positive Attitude, treating people with Respect, striving for Excellence, and showing a dedication to Service. These values, applied with determination and perseverance, will help us provide the very best possible care at Andbe Home.

Thank you for your attention to this letter – and for your support of Andbe Home and the greater Norton community.

Rest assured that we are committed to communicating with you clearly and regularly as the situation develops.



Megan Mapes, Administrator

Andbe Home



(785) 877-2601

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